Dungeon Party [DP] Guide

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Dungeon Party [DP] Guide

Post  BKMangouji on Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:07 pm

[Guide] Dungeon Party (DP)

Postby liquid_sun on Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:38 am EDITED by BKMangouji
Table of Contents
01. Introduction
02. Pre-DP Preparation
03. Where to go with your DP
04. DP Etiquettes
05. How to recognize deficiencies in your DP and what to do about it?
06. Your role in the DP

01. Introduction- Dungeon Party, or DP, is the definitive way of gaining experience points and leveling up in Rappelz after you reach about level 30.

- You should only form or join a DP if you have more than an hour of undivided attention to devote to the game.

- There is a maximum of 8 players including yourself.

- "Optimum" DP should have these types of class: (1) tank, (1-2) healers, (1) support class, (4) damage dealers

- Once formed, the party visits dungeon in the level range, and kill hordes of monster for 1 hour per session (SS duration).

02. Pre-DP Preparation
- Visit the Soul Stone craftsman and make sure to recharge all your equipment with soul power

- Visit the Lak Trader and get 100+ luna chip of appropriate rank and empty your lak.
* After rank 3, you have to buy the high rank luna chips from the Lak Trader

- If you have a different pet you'd like to use on another character of the same account, de-equip and drop the card into the warehouse for this char to pick up from the WH.

- Make sure you have the appropriate weapon and armor for your character AND pets

- Stock up on the drink (MP) and food (HP) appropriate for your level

- If you're an archer, you should restock on your expendable inventories

- Make sure you're way under the weight limitation. No one likes someone who is overweight in the DP.

- Upgrade your skill cards whenever you can afford it! Read class guides and to get a feel for what skill cards are important! This is crucial for cleric class!

03. Where to go with your DP
There's a thread entitled "Dungeon Locations" under the Support / Frequently Asked Questions that provide great information concerning the different dungeons of Rappelz.

Check out the next post in this topic for more specific information.

Moonlight 1+2 is accessible via Horizen. You'd be here from level 30 to 50.

Lost Mines 1+2 is accessible via Horizen or Rondo. You'd be here from level 50-69.

crystal Valley 1+2 is accessible via Rondo heading west. You'd be here from 70 to 8X.

Palmir Shrines 1+2 - if you're coming here, you shouldn't be reading this.

- In every dungeon, there're what people like to call "fast rooms." These are rooms inhibited by 3-7 monsters that respawn VERY quickly.
* Even if your DP is very balanced, "ease" into these fast rooms. *DO NOT* just run into the middle of the room yelling Leeroy Jenkins.

- Each dungeon have several fast rooms.

04. DP Etiquettes
- When someone feathers you for free (no rep feather), at least thank them!? -moodymmo

- If you can't stay more than an hour for the Stamina Saver, please tell your DP such. In fact, it's a better idea to not even join a DP if you can't stay an hour.

- Try your best to stay until everyone's SS is done, not just your own. -moodymmo

- You should always carry at least 100 Luna chips with you around your rank.
* ML requires Rank 2 lunas
* LM requires Rank 3 lunas
* CV requires Rank 3 or 4 lunas depending on where the final location is -- ask what type to bring, or just bring both
* PP requires rank 4 or 5 lunas depending or where the final location is

- If you have an assassin in your DP, they should always lead the DP to the spot.
* They can cloak and get rid of monsters chasing them.

- If there's no assassin, then the tank should be leading the DP to the spot.

- When you get to the spot, [ALT-Z -> Char Select] as soon as possible if you believe that some monsters are chasing you! Yes, it feels like you're cheating, but it's now officially recognized as a feature of the game to escape death and lost of xp.

- If you absolutely have to leave the dp for a short spell (like to tame a pet) make sure people know where you are going and that they will be fine without you. -evilnixon

- You should not be AFK for the duration of the DP.
* If you need to AFK, keep it short (1-2 minutes) and minimize the frequency of AFK.
* Always announce that you're going AFK and for how long
* If you need to AFK for an extended period (5-10 minutes), log out after informing the DP.
* If you need to AFK for more than 15 minutes, try to find a replacement, then leave the DP.

- You should pay SOME attention to the DP, and not just hit Tab and F1 at the first monster you see.
* Make sure the monster is "chipped" before hitting F1/attack the monster.
* If you can't find a chipped monster in more than 2 seconds, ask in party, "wtf is going on [chipper's name]"

- If your party has been going for a bit and you know you need to leave soon, let people know. -waif/Twang

- Please discuss anything you need to be done skill wise, (IE 2 healers 2 SB's, 2 BS's in one party etc) who is going to do what during the party. Don't just assume the other person will do it. We can't read your mind. -moodymmo

- If you have a problem with the way someone is using their skills in a DP, PM them in private. Don't harass them in front of everyone. -moodymmo

- It's rude to talk about people in the DP in another language during the party. Keep the comments in PM at least. -moodymmo

- Please don't forget the person you are talking to in Rappelz is a REAL person. Karma will come back to haunt you. -moodymmo

- When you get into a DP all your sells and trades need to end or be put on pause for the duration of the DP (or heck just wait for a tb). -evilnixon

05. How to recognize problems in your DP and what to do about it?
- Before you even run to the dungeon, gauge whether the DP is any good
* 6 Pet class, 1 huna, and 1 healer can be good, but chances are they'd be summoning evo1 pets and not care. So if another DP is available, join them. Make up excuses like "sorry, guild mate is calling me."
* If the DP Leader doesn't speak English or YOUR language of choice -- you should leave to find another DP.
* If the DP leader is constantly AFK to do "this or that" - you should leave and find another DP.
* If the DP leader can't type or uses 1 finger to type out his/her responses to your questions, you should leave and find another DP.

- The first thing to do when the DP started killing, is gauge how fast a DP kills by how long the chip effect is left before the monster dies.
* If at any time, you noticed that the monsters are not dying as fast - find out who is AFK.

- You can find out who is AFK by noticing if someone is just standing there, or autofollowing people and not swinging their weapon
* If you find someone who has been AFK for a long time (> 5 minutes), it's okay to kill them without mercy.
* The best way to teach someone to stop going AFK announced, is to let them die via monsters so they lose XP.
* If the AFKer is autofollowing Person X, have X run to another location with monsters, ALT-Z > Char Select. This will leave them in the location forever.
* Once the AFKer is dead. It's a good idea to resurrect them a few times with Resurrection Scroll. Make sure the DP is not compromised when you're resurrecting the AFKer.

- If the chipper is chipping slowly or is not performing properly...
* Unless the chipper is really doing badly, don't bother stopping the DP.
* If the chipper is chipping multiple mobs, whisper to chip only 1 monster
* If the chipper is chipping new mobs when the old mob isn't dead, whisper to keep chipping same monster until it's dead
* If the chipper is slow to chip, whisper to pay attention and chip faster
* If the chipper is complaining of lag, or etc, go to the resolution
= When you've whispered to the chipper, and s/he is still making the same mistake - tell the DP to back out to the hallway, and get someone else to chip. This is especially important when the healer(s) has no mana left.

- If someone is semi-afk, and attacking the wrong mob all the time...
* Make a note of their name, and don't party with them again
* Tell them to pay attention!!
* If a replacement is readily available (standing right next to the DP), warn, then replace.

oacevedo81 wrote:As far as chipping goes, when I'm on my knight, I don't try to ask everyone to chip or atk the same mob... in this game it's IMPOSSIBLE to control what every does and therefore impossible to control which mob everyone focuses on. All i ask is that if they atk a mob that's not chipped, they chip it first. As the tank, I worry about the aggro, they worry about the killing.

- To kick someone from the DP, click on their name, then select the little button next to the title of DP and select Remove from Party.
* If they are logged out, you have to type in the name EXACTLY as it appears. If it's [xXxMyNameLiIke1xXx] where it's impossible to guess what letters are in the name, scroll up to when they last talked, click on the name to "whisper" to them. Hold down Shift, and use the arrow keys to highlight the name in the conversation box. Ctrl-C or CTRL-X to copy/cut their name into memory. CTRL-V to paste into the "Remove them from Party" box that pops up.

- If everyone in the DP is awake and doing their job, but the monsters are not dying fast enough and the healer's mana is at 20%...
* It's time to reevaluate if the DP is at the appropriate spot for the level and skill.
* DO NOT be afraid to move if the DP is too weak. Your purpose is to kill quick and get lots of xp ~ not to attempt at killing the hardest monster possible at your level.

- No one should die in a DP, ever! If someone dies, immediately evaluate what had happened, and implement corrective measures BEFORE the next pull !!

* Is the tank not getting the aggro? Is the healer healing incorrectly (ie, heal on pull = healer getting first hit)? Is the puller pulling too much?
* Find out what's wrong. If you're not the leader, decide if it's correctable. If it is, try to correct the issue.
* If the problem is not correctable or if attempts to resolve the problem have failed - state the problem in the party chat, incite mutiny against the DP leader, and then LEAVE (even if there are SS active)!
* As a DP leader, all problems should be resolvable. If a player is not performing, threat to kick and THEN kick them. If the mobs are too much to handle, move. Do not hesitate in your resolution. It's your time they're wasting.

06. Your role in the DP
- As chipper, you need to have good awareness of what's going on in the DP at all times.
* Recognize if the tank is semi-afk and slow to aggro mobs away from you.
* Recognize if the healer is semi-afk and not healing you.
* Recognize if the healer is about to go out of mana and your party will wipe if you pull the next 5 mobs.
* Recognize if OTHER people are chipping and tell them to ****ing stop it!
* Recognize if other people are not attacking the same mob and tell them to ****ing concentrate and stop tab-F1 randomly.
* Recognize if the kill speed is slowing down and find out who is afk without telling the party by strategically moving the DP.

- When you recognize problems, don't hesitate to call them out on it to improve the DP.

- Utilize the provocation skill to get aggro of random mobs attacking the healer or mages.

- Make sure you skill spam and have the self-buffs on

- Attack first! Don't spam all your skills, just a couple will do to hold aggro.

- Use small heals and keep everyone's health (including the pet) at 90+%.

- Buff everyone, including the pets.

- It's good idea to buff the party in groups of 2 or 4 every few minutes.
* I start by buffing EVERYONE in the DP. When 7 minutes have elapsed, I buff the 3rd and 4th in the list with fresh buffs.
* When 7 minutes have elapsed from the 3rd and 4th, I buff the 5th and 6th with fresh buffs.
* When 7 minutes have elapsed from 5th and 6th, I buff the 7th and 8th with fresh buffs.
* When 7 minutes have elapsed from the 7th and 8th, the 1st and 2nd buffs should be expiring and needs replacement.

- If your mana is not at 80%, you should not be standing around. Hotkey the sit button and make sure you are sitting down to regain mana faster.

- If your mana is not at 80%, you should be drinking some kind of liquid bought from the Grocery merchant to help fill your mana.

- If your mana is at 20% or less, you should be driking from your blue mana potion to help regain the mana.

- If there're more than 1 healer in the DP, share the burden of healing and DD.
* Don't just relegate the job of healing to the "main" healer. Make sure both of you have good % mana left during the entire DP just in case **** hits the fan.

- Make sure to keep everyone buffed!

- Pay attention to the healer's mana and try to help as much as you can with restoring purified water if needed.

- Be careful not to draw aggro. Please don't think of yourself as a tank unless you're designated as tank!

Melee/Mage DD
- Stay awake, make sure you're attacking the right mob, and use appropriate skills
* Watch aggro. If using certain skills get you attacked, then minimize that skill use or lower its level

Pet Class DD
- Stay awake, make sure you're attacking the right mob, and STOP using your evo1 pets as if it is the DP's job to raise their level!
* You're invited into the DP to do damage! Having two BPs or evo1 turtle summoned is almost equivalent of you not doing jack ****!

Blue Pixie Pets in the DP
- If you're using a BP to "help" heal - make sure you use it as auxillary healer. DO NOT HEAL THE PULLER or the TANK with the BP randomly!
* when you use the BP to heal, make sure the current mob is half or almost dead and nothing else is coming the DP's way.

Good Luck on DP!!!

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Re: Dungeon Party [DP] Guide

Post  2none on Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:39 am

pretty nice guide too bad it wasnt urs:/ but its usefull:D


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Re: Dungeon Party [DP] Guide

Post  BKMangouji on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:14 am

yea i know its not mine, but i thought it was good so i edited it and brought it just to help guildies that need Smile

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Re: Dungeon Party [DP] Guide

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